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Neon Genesis Evangelion painting

Neon Genesis Evangelion painting

I have spent quite an amount of time working these previous months in completing the Seven Deadly Sins series. Those are very dark and sinister artworks, and I needed to change the subject and paint something more cheerful and colorful, for once.

It happens that there was some unused landscape-sized canvas laying around in my studio. It was around time to do something with them!

An angry EVA01 unit ready to attack

A legendary anime series

The last movie of the cult anime series, «Neon Genesis Evangelion» has been recently released in Japan. Since I am a great fan of this series, I thought it would be interesting to paint one of the most recognizable elements: a giant EVA01 unit.

These robots (well, they are not precisely robots, but you have to watch the series to understand it) have very bright colors that would be quite challenging to paint. Being anime as they are, they are shown in quite flat colors with just one shade.

I initially wanted to give them a more realistic look, but that proved to be very difficult (especially with that purple), so I ended with an intermediate result: not flat, not entirely realistic.

Some fiery oranges

By the way, to achieve those intense oranges (which are even brighter if you have the painting in front of you) I have used a tube of Titan´s  Nº25 “Indian Yellow” which is a color that I have never used before.

It is a very pure and bright yellowish-orange that really gives any warm tones in a painting a considerable boost. Use it sparingly!

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Ruben Megido

I´m Rubén Megido, a Spanish artist. I enjoy painting Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and Pop Culture related themes.

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