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Welcome to Rugidoart.

A new Star Trek painting? Make it so!

You have surely already seen this scene as a meme

As you may already have noticed, I am a great fan of all things related to the Star Trek universe. I have grown with the characters of the original series, and I have a soft spot for all of them (especially Captain Kirk).

Many years later, I had the chance to watch the whole Star Trek: The Next Generation series and, while they took a bit longer to get used to the characters, I also ended up loving them.

Jean-Luc Picard is truly a great captain and, while certainly not as funny as Kirk, the superb performance by Sir Patrick Stewart is a joy to watch.

Making it so

Sketching is a fun part of the process

Some months ago, I painted a nice James T.Kirk portrait, so it was only fair that I also make a Picard one.

They were many choices (and memes) to choose from. For a fleeting moment, the infamous “facepalm moment” crossed my mind, but I finally choose the moment when he will say one of his most famous quotes: Make it so!

As usual, I started first by drawing a sketch with a charcoal stick. It is very important to get the proportions right at this moment as any mistake could be very difficult to fix at a later stage.

In this painting I made his head a bit larger than it was but, luckily, that was a mistake quite easy to correct.

Trying a new brush set.

My brush set from Rosemary´s Brushes

I have used some of my new Ivory and Evergreen brushes that I have recently purchased from Rosemary’s Brushes for this portrait.

They are a delight to use, and they allow me to use more defined strokes and have better control of the brush.

They are a bit expensive, but I must say they are the best brushes I have ever used, so they are 100% worth their price. I highly recommend them!

Original painting is available in the store.

Ruben Megido

I´m Rubén Megido, a Spanish artist. I enjoy painting Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and Pop Culture related themes.

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